The Other

Behind the scene, Barcelona Barcelona by Woody Allen.
It's sexy when you play the music,
I write the words.
And by the other, my voice is heard.


i'm in your mouth at nights
dropped here from your mind
once you'd got the guts
for keeping me inside


the less you know me,
deeper the chasm between the lines
once strongly tying us. 
the more you forget me,
higher the chance you meet the eyes
once you thought memorized.
once again,
sun rises and goes down
you are to say who's laughing
                                 and who's clown.


light up your cigarette on my skin.
inhale my soul
exhale my smoke.


read the books i bought for you.
feel the words i wrote for you.
face the problems i solved for you.
walk the roads i drove for you.
fall in the dreams i hope for you.
kill my days i lived for you.
wound my heart i bear for you.
bury my body possessed by you.
taste my tears i dripped for you.
paint my screams i cried for you.
be my color.
a soul, so alone; but not lonely.
reflect the lights i glanced for you.
drink the wine i poured for you
is it my life when i lived for you?


Photo by Spencer Tunick
We wake up at similar hours
We make love in similar ways
Similary we cry and smile
And we love the specialities of our similar lives.

Darkest Lust

Shoe (Melody), 1987 by Robert Mapplethorpe
sun is setting, it's my darkness to arise
bring your cold and lively skin
and send me your chilly breath for soothing
then tell me lies through your mesmerizing eyes.