Early in the morning.
Hard in the mouth.
Warm on the skin.
Moist on the bed.

Skirt on the legs.
Shirt on the boobs.
Feet in the shoes.
Red on the lips.

Hours at the office
Eyes on the screens
People on the scenes
Thoughts are obscene

At last, it's about 7 P.M.
You're about to  leave the office.
Your best friend is looking for her lipstick in the depths of her bag for minutes.
She gives up and says
"Can I borrow yours if you have your lipstick with you?"

And you give her your Chanel Rouge Allure N0. 104 Passion.

She wears.
So red.
So fresh.
So deep.
So hot.
So contamined by your man's HPV.

She likes you.
She likes the red look.
She's developing a tiny wart silently.

Life is contagious.
Live it.

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