The Animal Instincts

I know that my blog is getting more domestic day by day but I can't stop myself uploading them :) When I put these materials in my blog, they immediately become eternal in the digital realm. It might be my animal instinct of being a father to a daughter... 

The Pieces out of The Mess

This morning, we took the bag, my daughter threw all the drawings in it, and started to sort out the things inside. After an hour, here are the ones worth uploading. The first one (above) is a map says my daughter. I just noticed the similarity between this map and the official logo of Hamilton Institute.

This one is a ship floating on the sea. I like the simplicity and the level of abstraction in this picture.

In this picture, my daughter created a lady in an extra ordinary styled dress. That dress reminds me Victoria Beckham's alien jacket.

Mothers and daughters :)

Left to right: Elder sister, daughter, father, mother.

Three ladies. The one on the right is sitting on a tiny chair. Notice the puff sleeves (karpuz kol) of the girl in the middle :)

The lady is my wife and the guy is me. At least, my daughter says so :) Don't you think the guy looks like Adolf Hitler?

Two models.

Two collages on pages of my master thesis.

Old lady with grey hair.

My daughter's house sticked on my lady dragon.

It's a collaborative family work.

I drew my wife and my daughter colored her lips.

Junkie girl with crazy hair :)

Indian mother and her daughter by my wife :)


Photo by Euphrates.

Standing still on the ground and defending your site in a legendary way. 
Negating the current status and taking actions to set up a novel state boldly.
Speaking less, acting more. 
Being a man as you are supposed to be.
Left no one behind, move forward together,
Die together unless you succeed in surviving together.
Strength, glory, honor!
Are these statements above describing an acceptable perception of life? Can all these big narratives, the powerful expressions that used to motivate nations for thousands of years make any sense to an individual who has got just minor and personal problems with life? 
I have got my own tragedies which possibly mean nothing to you. 
My tears are dropping down just in front of my feet. Not yours. 
It is not realistic to expect you to "understand" me. 
On the other hand, I need to be understood by you.
I cannot exist without your thoughts on me.
So, talk to me. Listen to me.
Look at me.
Say things about me.
Respond to me.
And do all these things without bothering me :)
I need your hands in my hands as the beautiful trees in the photograph holding hands in sorrow.
Sorrow which is inevitable. 

Colorful Borders?

I put the lines and shapes on the paper. My daugter mixed and poured the colors between the lines. And finally, she drew a green cone of ice cream on the left.
The question is that should a father draw the lines to be followed for his daughter and let her free to colorize them and add some more taste?
Fathers, daughters, choices, borders...