The Reality

I have been thinking about the conception of life itself since I was at the ages enough of to be considered as an adult. The great questions of the great philosophers: What is life? What are we doing here? Are we going anywhere?
At the exact point where I came so far, I think that we are creating unreal,  mystic shells over the naked real things in life by making up stories comprised of virtual connections between the feelings and the events and the materials in our lives and considering those stories as our personal particular meanings of life. We are always the main characters of those stories. Actually, I am searching the book stores in these days for finding the books, which I can easily understand, about evolutionary psychology. I think the answer is there, in the evolutionary psychology. Something in our evolution motivated our brains to think in this way: Create subjective relations between things. Look, see but don't believe in or realize the sad reality. Imagine the death: We are looking at the dead bodies on and under the ground, watching them becoming into the soil but most of us telling stories about these dead human beings' souls are not dead, the only dead things here are the rotten corpses. The souls are eternal, etc. What is the basis of this belief? We just don't want to feel the cold death. Knowing that one day you will disappear permanently frightens us and our brain starts to create a complex myth to give us hope. And the life goes on...
We are creating those illusions as a protective manner. We locate ourselves in the centre of the universe, consider everything, every animal, plant, planet, galaxy, river, sea, mountain, simply everything is created to serve us. What a selfish approach! And unrealistic. And sick, especially when you open up your eyes and try to see the reality that we are technically not much more different from a bacteria colony. Who says a human has a seperated soul and a body? Who says we will live after death? Who says there will be angels or demons around us in the eternal life after death?
When I am able to see the pure life, as it is, with my eyes wild open and my mind crystal clear, I just relieved. I distinguished that life is unique and short and very very valuable, and we are going to be real deads after our deaths. There is no need for myths. The life need not to be meaninful. No one designed it. The life is life: Chaotic, simple, iterative, evolutionary. Once you realized the truth about the life, that there is no fate and death is not inevitable, you suddenly desire to overcome the death, in my own words, end-of-life disorder. You can feel energetic enough to find scientific ways to beat the death, you don't need to be dead. Some life forms in the universe never die, some of them die but are able to recorver from the death, some are highly regenerative.

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However, we are at the very primitive stages of our evolutionary process. The first modern human appeared on earth about 200,000 years ago. We are living and evolving anatomically and mentally for thousands of years but when you look at the calendar we are using, it is just in the year of 2009. What a dramatic gap! 200,000 is our chronological age and 2009 is our mental age. The ratio, "2009/200,000", might be considered as our intellectual maturity index. Maybe, when our calendars show the year of several hundred thousands, we will be living in a world where there is no need to make up unrealistic stories about our lives. At those maturity levels of humanity, people would live in peace with the pure reality itself.
I wish I was born 10 thousand years later.
Amen :)