Photo by Euphrates.

Standing still on the ground and defending your site in a legendary way. 
Negating the current status and taking actions to set up a novel state boldly.
Speaking less, acting more. 
Being a man as you are supposed to be.
Left no one behind, move forward together,
Die together unless you succeed in surviving together.
Strength, glory, honor!
Are these statements above describing an acceptable perception of life? Can all these big narratives, the powerful expressions that used to motivate nations for thousands of years make any sense to an individual who has got just minor and personal problems with life? 
I have got my own tragedies which possibly mean nothing to you. 
My tears are dropping down just in front of my feet. Not yours. 
It is not realistic to expect you to "understand" me. 
On the other hand, I need to be understood by you.
I cannot exist without your thoughts on me.
So, talk to me. Listen to me.
Look at me.
Say things about me.
Respond to me.
And do all these things without bothering me :)
I need your hands in my hands as the beautiful trees in the photograph holding hands in sorrow.
Sorrow which is inevitable. 


euphrates said...

Onurlandim, text de ne oturmus. Cok cok yazabilsek keske. Umarim keyifler yerindedir.

Bora said...

Seni tekrar aramızda görmek ne hoş. Güzel fotoğraf, yanında yöresinde olanları da güzel gösteriyor :)