We Know Each Other

We wake up at 03:00 AM
                and search for the facts.
We are curious.
We get bored easily.
We want to learn much.
We have a wide range of interests.
We cannot get satisfied easily.
We think.
We conceive.
We manage.
We handle.
We solve.
We provide.
We feel lonely most of the times.
We've got shining eyes.
We can see each other.
We sense each other.
We can talk to each other.
We know each other.
We like each other.
We are students of the life.

Others can never observe our limits,
                  we easily see how their hearts beat.
They know nothing
                   about anything
                        but the hum of their voices deafens.

They are crowded.
They feel offended.
They envy us.
They criticize us,
                 roar us.
They've got gods
             to burn all of us.

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